Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Messages from Spirit- Energy Forecast for July 27, 2016

Hi Everyone! Go outside tonight and tomorrow night to have a look at the Delta Aquarids meteor showers. I just saw a very beautiful trail of meteors falling off towards the East from my back porch tonight. We are in the midst of a major energy wave right now. Many of you are experiencing restless sleep and pain in your knees, ankles and lower half of the body. Some of you are experiencing tingling sensations in these parts of the body as well as headaches and neck and shoulder pain. You may also feel highly emotional during this time as it results in a huge release from the physical, spiritual and emotional bodies. You are receiving downloads of information directly from your spirit now as you are becoming more aware of where you are headed in life. Remember to stay grounded during this time, and keep a journal nearby to write down insights coming to you in your dreams and during your waking time, especially during meditations. You are "upgrading" your life in more ways than one and this is the perfect time to stay very aware of the ideas and inspirations you receive.
Enjoy the show outside 
Mandy G.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Messages from Spirit- Energy Forecast for July 22, 2016

Hi everyone! This week we are in the midst of another major energy wave. Many of you are feeling doubts and worries surfacing and you are experiencing lots of emotions. Understand that these waves come to assist with helping us release old ways, old habits and things that no longer serve us. We are hitting the mid year mark in this "9" year (2+0+1+6) and this means that in order to transition, much of the old "stuff" has to break away. This week especially, you might be questioning what work is coming up for you next, or what relationships you should keep. Some of you are losing things, not even on purpose, but because the universe is helping to clear up your life, removing people and things that do not align with you. See this as an opportunity to say goodbye and release these things in a loving way. The key is to stay in your heart as much as possible during this transition. When you stay in your heart, you are connecting to your higher self and to source and this will help you in aligning with who you are. Once you are settled into your heart, you will be sending out the "right" vibration which will help you attract the "right" relationship and the "right" job. Step one, relax into your heart 
Sending love!
Mandy G.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Energy Forecast- Neptune going retrograde June 14, 2016

Hi Everyone! Many of you are contacting me because you are facing great challenges as we lead up to the Neptune Retrograde (starting around June 14th). These next few days, you will start to feel the strong shift in energy that comes with Neptune. Often, we find ourselves believing the illusion. And this can throw us, very easily, into a fog of confusion. This is because we get trapped in the "ideal picture" of what we think we want. And when we see that perfect picture NOT HAPPENING, then we get frustrated and angry. And yes, while this is a time of dreaming and getting more in touch with your purpose, it's important to understand how to work with the universe instead of against it. It's not up to you to force an answer or make things happen. Rather, allow inspiration and healing to come to you. This is a time for looking for signs and symbols from spirit and paying attention to the people you meet. Make sure to spend time over the next few days, allowing yourself to get quiet and access your true nature, the soul that knows purpose, the one that's trying desperately to make contact with you! Tune into that "show" instead of the delusional soap opera drama happening AROUND YOU. Here's a hint... stop believing the show outside of you and tune in to the INSIDE.
Much love,
Mandy G.

How to keep negative energy away?

Hi everyone! Many of you have been asking me about negative energy and how to keep it away. The easiest way is to tune in to your soul more fully. How does one do this? Understand that you are both the dark and the light. The good AND the bad. You are both, and as you ascend up the "spirit ladder" you are going to experience both sides for a reason. It's all information to you about who you are, what you're truly about and what matters most to you. Think of the bad as a gift just as much as the good. The bad has A LOT to say to you about who you are deep down as well. How many times has a BAD job or BAD relationship told you that you are not being authentic to YOU? Hopefully it hasn't been too many times, but if it has, then ask yourself if you are accepting the bad experiences as messengers and blessings, or are you focusing on how things never work in your favor. The simple answer is to see the positive in all of it, that it's all leading you to your purpose and reason for being here!
So you see, it's not about keeping the negative away. It's about finally seeing the negative as a sign and then doing something with that information!
Much love,
Mandy G.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Messages from Spirit- Energy Forecast for June 3, 2016

Hi everyone! Tomorrow is the NEW MOON and many of you are feeling directed to do some soul searching. This weekend is the perfect time to do that. This new moon in particular will help you merge with your soul and discover a hidden part of you that you would like to cultivate, whether that be courage, forgiveness, or something like a promotion at work or a new place to live.
New moons are a great time to set intentions for things you would like to create, develop, and make manifest. The important thing is that you are committing yourself to your vision and following through. Many of you have been feeling anxious and getting woken up in the night and this is due to Spirit and Higher self bringing your guidance and healing. Think of this new moon as a blank page in which you can speak your intention out loud. This weekend, allow yourself to make small steps (actions) and then celebrate your efforts. Amidst all the chaos, it's important to stay in the "eye-of-your-storm" and simply observe what's going on around you, not allowing yourself to react or buy into the chaos with fear. Instead, step back and see the bigger picture, the reason that this may be happening, and see it as a blessing in disguise (sometimes the things that fall apart in our world are the very things that no longer serve us). It's always a good idea to prepare in the days ahead leading up to a new moon. Prepare by setting clear intentions. You can do this by writing them down and then meditating during the weekend. Think of this as if you are sending your prayers, wishes and desires out to the universe!
Happy weekend!
Mandy G.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Messages from Spirit- Energy Forecast for June 1, 2016

Hi everyone? Are you getting "wake up calls" in the middle of the night? Many of you are reporting that your sleep has been interrupted as of late. This is because spirit and higher self are trying to get your attention. We are entering into some powerful energy in the month of June. You have been receiving urges and nudges the last few months and perhaps in May you even started researching, making changes or taking steps towards your updated self! The month of June will have you moving full steam ahead and it will continue to be this way until the end of this year. You should see major changes happen and the key for the next few weeks is to focus. There should be only one or two major things that you have been feeling a need to change and this is the perfect time to implement actions. The universe will support you every step of the way. Stay disciplined and purposeful and when you feel yourself getting off track, take note of how you feel. You should feel an instant gut wrenching reaction when you have fallen off course. We are feeling things more strongly right now and this is all to support you in showing you your path more clearly. Stay positive and hopeful through this transition. Your spirit is getting a facelift 
Happy June!
Mandy G.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Messages from Spirit- Energy Forecast for May 28, 2016

Hi Everyone! Many of you are noticing the shift in energy this last week and how it is affecting your relationships. Many of you are seeing things much more clearly now because of the big release with the last full moon. Are you finding that the universe is revealing some truths about your mate that you were overlooking? Perhaps the rose colored glasses have come off for just a little bit so you can see them for who they are... What are you finding there? Some of you have made decisions to release relationships from your life based on this information and to allow the energy to be refreshed and renewed. The universe is supporting us in our "up shift" this year. As we work through our "9" year, we will see many things come to a completion to prepare us for a major overhaul and makeover. This is the perfect time to assess all areas of your life and see what areas you would like to address. This is all in preparation for the New You 
Much love,
Mandy G.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Messages from Spirit- Full Blue Moon Energy Forecast for May 21, 2015

Hi everyone! It's the full blue moon and this is proving to be an intense one. Watch out for signs of sleepiness, sluggishness and even sickness as this full moon is offering a BIG energy release. We are in the midst of still discovering our abilities and gifts and what we have to offer here, and this is the perfect time to allow old beliefs, programming and stuck energy to fall away from you. We have been particularly challenged by our sense of worth and also commitment/dedication. We are working through a 9 year (in numerology, you add the digits 2+0+1+6) and this means we are completing and finalizing our plans. This can also be a challenging year for those of you who have discovered your path and need to "keep truckin' along." The energy of this year will help you remove anything that could be holding you back from greatness. So just when you feel like giving up or giving in, look for the soul growth lesson... Is it to stop trying to control and just observe? Is it to tell your fears to sit in the corner while you choose love? Times like these are the cornerstones of your advancement! Trust that you are in the right place at the right time with the exact circumstance that you need to receive your gold stars!!! These experiences will be the ones you rely on most when you are called to use your gifts!
Shine on!
Mandy Gatlin