Tuesday, December 1, 2009

How to Meet Your Spirit Guides

A key way that we can find out answers to some of life’s daily questions is by doing a meditation in which you get in touch with your guides. Guides are spiritual beings that have access to any and all information that exists in the universe. They can tap into the experiences of anyone or anything that has existed, so they can easily hunt down an answer to any question. While angels do “work” for us behind the scenes, guides are available to us more as information booths. They are in direct contact with our Higher Selves, and they listen and pay attention to everything going on around us. Their number one priority is helping us stay healthy and connected to Source. They are very direct and always provide the answer that is for your highest good. Connecting with them is just a matter of being open and ready for the information that they are wanting to share. You’ll soon see that by simply asking them questions, you can feel a direct connection, and that connection has intense healing properties.

How Do Guides Speak to Us? Guides speak to us through messages from spirit and through meditation. They will always try to get our attention before we get to a painful state by throwing messages in our path, but we are often not aware that they are constantly around us looking after us. The other way to connect with them is through meditation, and you can do this on your own or with a person trained in hypnotherapy or guided meditations. Once you have connected to guides through meditation, you will start to recognize circumstances in your everyday life in which your guides are playing an active roll. It might be in the way that you receive information. You may get an instant knowing about something you should do. You might hear a phrase in your mind or see an image in your mind’s eye. If you open yourself up to them enough, you might be able to feel when the messages come through you. This feeling of message coming through you is called channeling. It simply means you are in direct contact with your Higher Self and guides. When you channel, you are tapping into a huge grid of information and basically downloading important messages that come to you from Spirit. Your guides are that link between you and Spirit. It’s important to note that you have access to your guides at all times, and when you channel, you can dialogue and ask questions of your guides. You don’t have to just meditate quietly and let information flow through you (that is just one form of meditation). Channeling is a form of communication with Spirit, and Spirit loves when you interact! It’s just as if you were sitting in a classroom. You’ll learn more and process the information faster if you are brave enough to ask the teacher questions when you don’t understand or need help.

What Kinds of Information do Guides Provide? Your guides will never give you information that is harmful to you. The aid they provide is always for your highest good (and for the highest good of those around you). This can be tricky because sometimes the answers they give you can be what you don’t want to hear. They are very honest and direct, and sometimes the information can be out of the ordinary. You may get really specific messages about items available to you to help you with healing and where to get it from. I received a message one time about sea salt that I needed to bathe in, but my guides showed me the Himalaya Mountains. Low and behold, when I did a little research on the internet, I instantly found Himalayan Salts that have intense healing properties because the salts are mined from underground where seas used to be. The salt is very pure and contains minerals not found in ordinary sea salt or table salt. It’s important that you trust the information coming from your guides. They have information that goes outside the realm of everyday knowing. They know your body, mind and spirit completely, and they are able to synthesize exactly what you need and match it up to an answer or solution instantly. The answer can sometimes startle you or be a little surprising because it does come so easily and directly, but just know that they have your highest good at heart. The more you trust and apply the information they are providing to you, the faster and easier the information will come to you in future encounters with them.

What are the Benefits of Connecting to Guides? When you connect with your guides, you are allowing yourself to be open, and you are activating a part of yourself that desires to listen and know what you need in order to feel better. Many of us shut ourselves down to that higher part of us that knows what we need when we need it. Negative beliefs take their hold in us as fears crop up about everyday problems. When we feed the fears, we are getting further and further away from being in tune with Spirit. This action of feeding fears, often manifests itself in illness in our mind or body. Allowing yourself to see and be with your guides for just a few moments each day can help you avoid feeding any fears that come up because you will be given the tools and information that you need to move forward. When you feed your fears instead of interacting with your guides and Higher Self in a positive way, you will start to see limitations crop up. Limiting beliefs can close us off to new experiences. They can keep us from moving forward, and in turn, we start to feel stagnant. A stagnant body and mind, becomes a sick body and mind. The mind and body are fueled off of movement and action. When you are provided with the instant answers from your guides, and you apply them daily, you will start to see small shifts in your life. Your problems and fears will seem to melt away instantly. In each of my experiences with meditation to meet my guides, I end up feeling peaceful, calm and directed. I feel reassured in my process with them as they unlock many hidden doors. Once those doors are unlocked, it’s just a matter of me choosing to walk through them. Your guides cannot force you to act. They only show you the way (the possibilities), and then it is up to you to take the steps to make things happen.

How Do I Connect With My Guides and How Often Should I Connect? In order to connect with your guides, all you need to do is acknowledge that they are present in your everyday life. Your guides are around you all the time. They are ready and willing to provide you with information at any moment. If you ask them, they will provide the answer… that’s how easy it is! If you are feeling very troubled by something, or would like to personally meet them and have a conversation with them (kind of like sitting with an old friend for a good talk), you will need to get into a relaxed enough state that you can allow information to pass through you (meditate). You can practice this daily and use it as a way to get direction for the day or to get answers when issues arise. If you are unsure about how to get into a meditation, you might think about joining a group in which a hypnotherapist guides you on a meditation to meet your guides. Finding a group of people who are excited and willing to share about their experiences may help you develop your skills of getting in tune with Spirit. Once you understand the process and you feel comfortable with opening yourself up to Spirit, you can start practicing daily meditations for yourself. During a meditation, I usually breathe very deeply and allow my entire body to relax. I close my eyes and feel very connected to everything around me. I feel instant peace as my shoulders drop, my face becomes relaxed (no clenched jaw or furrowed brow), and my hands rest on my knees palms up ready to accept any guidance or knowledge that may come to me. With each deep breath, I become more and more relaxed and calm. This relaxed state allows me to be completely open to anything I might experience. It’s important to note that there’s no reason to be scared of your guides or meeting them. Think of them as old friends who care very deeply for you. I usually take in a few good deep breaths and then I ask, in my mind, for my guides to come see me and speak with me. It’s sort of like picking up the telephone and dialing a number to a friend. Once I am connected, I usually start to see some images forming. These may take the form of a figure- sometimes I see my guides and what they look like, or I may see random images, like in a dream. I take note of what I am seeing so that I can assess if those things hold any meaning for me. I also start a little dialogue with my guides in which I ask them questions about things going on in my life. You’ll know when it is your guides speaking to you because the answers will be direct, no non-sense, and often, the information may seem a little out of the ordinary. Remember, your guides have access to ALL information. They will share with you if you are willing to accept the information. When you practice meditation daily, and get comfortable with your guides, you will start to trust the information and their presence more and more, and you will see how fun it can be to connect with them.

What to Ask? Feel free to ask your guides their names. Ask how many of them there are. They each do different things for you, so feel free to ask what each of them does (you may find that one is your main guide, and others work on specific problems for you). You will start to see that there are guides for many things. There are guides for your health, some for having fun, and then there are some who help you with a very specific problem. The neat thing is, once you have met them in meditation, it’s as if you have been introduced to a new friend that you can always call upon. If you make it like a fun game, and call upon and recognize your guides throughout the day, you will start to recognize their presence in just about everything you do. When you come to understand just how present they are for you, you’ll start to feel very connected to Spirit and in tune. Just know that no question is out of bounds for your spirit guides. They understand you so well, that they actually already know what you want to ask. Sometimes, you will receive the answer before you get the question out- this is how direct they can be!

Tapping into your guides is just another way of listening to your intuition. When you listen to the advice they are giving you, you are showing your spirit that you care about it and want to understand what it needs. You couldn’t give yourself any better gift than the gift of taking care of your spirit. When your spirit is in tune, you will feel awake and alive. You will begin to see what it means to find happiness within. No longer will you feel the need to go to outside of yourself to feel satisfied. When you see that you have access to any life question, and that the answers can come to you and through you, you will see just how blessed and looked after you are. Practice being with your guides daily, and you will begin to see the true benefits almost immediately. Your spirit will be connected, and in turn, you will feel confident in knowing that you always have access to the answers you need!

Lots of Love as You Connect!

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