Sunday, February 24, 2013

Animal Totem- Tiger

If you have been receiving the tiger as a symbol during meditation or dreaming, this is a very powerful message about tapping in to your inner strength and instincts to overcome life challenges. This spirit animal reminds you to act quickly and passionately and to trust your intuition. The tiger has long been regarded as a symbol of courage, fearlessness, and protection in many cultures and you can use this animal as a reminder to act in spite of fear, take more chances, and to trust your first reaction.

The Chinese believe that it is the tiger, not the lion, who is the king of all beasts. He is seen as the "protector of the dead" and will often be placed near graves as a marker of protection for those who have passed. The tiger often comes to me as a symbol when people have crossed over. When I meditate, I will see a tiger walking a recently deceased friend to the other side, and often there is a feeling of peace and serenity.

The fierce tiger has long been a symbol for me for remembering that if I tap in to my inner power and trust, I can overcome anything. In nature, tigers know exactly what they want and they are very direct about getting it; they don't hesitate, but rather, they move swiftly and with purpose. Usually I find that when I keep the energy of the tiger nearby, I am able to better tune in to my inner purpose and offer assistance to those around me quickly. Overall, the tiger reminds us to be led by the inner spark and when you are moved by this, you will achieve peace.

The tiger represents the following qualities:
  • Strength
  • Protection
  • Power
  • Energy
  • Passion
  • Illumination
  • Speed
  • Vigor
  • Conviction
  • Generosity
When Tiger Meets You in Meditation, Ask Yourself?

What life challenge is in your path?
What are your natural passions and strengths?
What does your spirit call out to do?
How can you take steps to achieve this quickly with conviction and vigor?
Can you be more open to listening for when you are being "called to act?"
How can you tap in to your inner power to achieve and then share with others?
In what ways can you be more self-assured and a little more daring?

Remember that we are all energy and knowing that gives us strength. We are able to tap into that inner power and know that we never truly die, rather our spirit moves on. Our energy is always constant and vibrant, always guiding us to what is best for us. With conviction, we may proceed through life head on and take on any challenges that come our way and know that this physical life is simply a playground for all of us to learn and experience things which help our spirits evolve. These life lessons, bring us closer to understanding who we are and what we are, energetic beings which have a direct impact on the universe and those around us. With a constant desire to move forward through our experiences, we realize that it's the choices we make when faced with life's challenges that makes us who we are. When you tap in to your spirit, you easily allow yourself to be guided by a higher source. When you allow this, your spirit can be guided to act in times of need for the higher good of all. Learn how to act from a place of confidence, just like a tiger. Act in spite of your fear. Decisions and choices are always in your hands! Live your life as you see fit! When you do this, you will find your peace.

One way you can stay connected to your animal totem is by wearing an amulet to harness the special energy of that animal. Wear a tiger charm pendant to help you tap into your strength and intuition. Remember that the tiger is a reminder to proceed through life with conviction, vigor and passion. By wearing this pendant, the symbol of the tiger will help you to be fierce! These pendants were often called Talisman, and they are known to attract good fortune and prosperity. It will provide wisdom when you are evaluating an issue or problem and bring you much needed positive energy. 

If you are curious about animal totems and what messages they may have for you, I highly recommend the book Animal-Speak by Ted Andrews. I found this book to be highly valuable as a reference for recognizing and interpreting the signs and omens of nature. You will learn to meet and work with animals as totems and spirit guides by learning the language of their behaviors within the physical world. Animal-Speak will help you to attune to your animal totem and discover your hidden powers and skills as reflected by your specific animal totem. If you've always felt connected to animals and nature, this book is a must have!

One of my favorite things to do to receive messages from animal totems is to draw a card from the Animal Messages Card deck. This is a great way to meditate with a question or an issue that you might have and then draw a card and let that particular animal speak to you. This card deck contains 52 cards each beautifully illustrated and containing an inspirational message from the animal world. The book that is included provides you with even more spiritual wisdom!

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Enjoy being fearless!
Mandy Gatlin


  1. I was feeling very disoriented, after spending all my weekend reading a book about sociology, for my anthropology class. I couldn't agree with anything I was reading, I thought it was all too "logical" and empty. I went on to facebook and thought it was all too shallow, boring, waste of my time, emotions, thoughts and energy. I went for a walk at 2 am; went downtown, sat indian style next to some sleeping sea lions near a river in Valdivia. When I was coming back to my room with no answers, I found an amanita on the road. I took a detour from my direction and went to contemplate closely a tree and it had a surprise by the grass near it for me. I took it without hesitation; the experience was very physical, I displayed a great mental strength. I went around looking big trees, sitting on one of them, giving them energy with my right hand, receiving it with my left one. Bottom line, it's that I didn't let the consumption of the fresh amanita have so weight on my thoughts; I just let it be. Let my body, mind and soul be. That's when I noticed, the most natural way in wich I feel myself in nature, is by being like a tiger. I didn't not run around like one, because the experience wasn't so psychedelic. But all the resolution to my problems were when I felt strong, secure, focused, passionated and just friendly with everything around me, even with a slug. Thanks so much for posting this entry, it really was destiny.

    1. Hi Javier,
      What a great experience of becoming one with nature. It's amazing when you really let go and accept the gift of being able to tap into nature and connect. I love your description of how you felt the "nature" of the tiger as being within you and how you felt when you merged with that. Thank you so much for sharing your experience!
      Much enJOYment!

  2. I saw tiger come toward me and stand face to face in meditation. He then licked my face..!
    What does dis mean...?

  3. Hi Mandy,
    I saw a tiger come towards me face to face. It then licked my face with its tongue..!
    What does dis mean...?

    1. One of my meditation teachers tells us a story of how his teacher had become so calm and peaceful that he had a tiger as a pet and often put his face near the tiger. I'm sure that your dream is trying to tell you that whatever fear you think you have is really not that scary. Perhaps your spirit is trying to tell you not to take whatever you are confronting so seriously and to instead, become peaceful, stare it down, confront it and then you will realize that once you confront that fear, there is some fun to come afterwards... I would love to hear what you are currently confronting in real life!!! :-)

    2. Dear Mandy, if you could please clarify this for me, I dreamt of this: a tiger cub came trough the window, then another one, then their mom, she got me scared just a little since i soon felt that they were friendly and behaved well. The room was not looking like my rooms, but perhaps it was some kitchen since it looked like the window was above the fridge. 3 is my number. Thank you in advance!

    3. The tiger cubs were less intimidating and entered a "room" that you say wasn't yours but looked like a kitchen. Dreams often have to do with facing our fears. This dream signifies that you are comfortable with a small level of fear and courage, and this was tested when the second cub entered the room. Then when the mother tiger entered, that's when your fear kicked in. The mother is larger, more intimidating and yet, she was behaving. Perhaps there is a fear you have of something rather "large and intimidating" in your life right now, but you are perceiving it that way. It's really not as bad as it seems. If you stay calm and friendly while encountering this "large" obstacle, then you have nothing to fear. When you dream of rooms in a house, note that this usually means that it has to do with your body. Houses relate to our bodies in dreams. You felt fear when the tiger entered the kitchen, and you probably feel fear in a particular part of your body (maybe your stomach since that's where food goes???) and this indicates to you that you have something to overcome. Do not let the butterflies in your stomach get the best of you when a fear arises in you. Instead, realize that the object or challenge in front of you is not out to get you. How appropriate that you saw your fear as a tiger! A tiger is a majestic creature that springs upon their prey with surprise. See the beauty in the message, don't hesitate with your fears, instead watch and wait and be with your fears and let them subside and when the time is right, spring into action. The tiger aspects of you are calling out!

  4. Pre to my very important exam, I went in the bed earlier to take a good rest and this is my dream:

    I wanted to stay on a secluded island. There was a little town with monumental buildings (old roman architecture). I spent a lot of time in a museum, quite big building. One of the “games” played there was to run through the building, away from the big Bengal tiger and his tamer (a woman that looked a lot like me). It was really exciting knowing that a big animal is chasing me. Running was repetitive. They chase me down the big staircase. I figured the way how to fool them and escape every time through some side door. But then I made a mistake and entered some other room from which there was no escape, I knew I have to go to the next room where I have to meet them. Him precisely.
    I was a bit scared, I had to face up the tiger, no running away. Chin up and enter bravely, what will be will be.
    I entered. The tiger was lying on my left side on white marble floor and his tamer was somewhere in front of me aside. I felt some splinter stuck in my finger, it was annoying and a bit painful so I removed it. I walked forward. The tiger was watching me peacefuly. I knew I have to face him, as in “greet him”. I approached him slowly. He was really big and absolutely beautiful, majestic. He seemed calm. As I was approaching him, he was stroking his paw as in pain, his tamer told me he has some splinter in his paw that hurts him. So I told him: I had the same problem, I can take care of that. Yes, I was a bit overwhelmed by the appearance of the wild animal but I felt courage and sincere empathy for the animal. I’ve got an approval form his tamer to approach him freely. I’ve set in front of him. His big head was close to mine. I took his paw and gently remove the splinter. Then I’ve noticed he had one also somewhere in his neck aria, close to his right front leg. I said to him: let me take care of this one as well. He looked at me really calmly. I’ve leaned forward to take out that other splinter and then he slowly moved his right front leg/paw and put it around me embracing me. He pulled me close to him while hugging me really gently. I placed my head on him, I could feel the warmth and softness of his fur. Honestly, that was such a wonderful feeling and I felt warmth, love, security and strength.

    Tomorrow, having this experience in mind, I felt peaceful and confident for the exam. All the fear was gone. Tiger send me such a clear message, as almost every dream of an animal I had does. :)


    1. What a neat dream Lu! I love the compassion that emanates from your dream- the part about you helping the tiger remove the splinter from his paw while you faced your fear was really amazing. And I loved how he embraced you afterwards- a great affirmation about the importance of reaching out! Thanks for sharing this- brought a smile to my face!

    2. Thank you Mandy for commenting :) Glad it brought a smile on your face and I do hope it will bring more smiles.
      I was lucky and blessd with this experience, I've learned through this Tiger what it meens generosity (love), confidence, focus and strenght when dealing with the fear of something. Also, in that aim for going further, to suceed, to become somone, not to astray in arrogancy, greed and power (or to became the one to spread fear), but to be humble and loving, warm and generous. To know how to embrace.

      Take care Mandy,
      much love
      Lu ;)

  5. Excellent article, blessings and gratitude.

    Thank you.

  6. Excellent article, blessings and gratitude.

    Thank you.

  7. I had a dream about Bengal tigers, I was in a disorientating hotel and looking out the window at some familiar scenes from my childhood just fields really. The Bengal tigers appeared in the field and at some point in time made their way up onto the hotel balconies I went and locked the windows they were like sliding glass doors. I believe my dad was there with me and the tigers were roaming around the hotel but luckily because I close the sliding glass windows they never came in. My dad was very ill at the time not in the dream but for real . I think he died within a few months of the dream. Just thought I would share that since it was very vivid and unexpected at least to me at the time